The programme will be developed by MUA Baia Mare with key input from URBASOFIA (participatory programming), INDECO (iLEU value chain), ARIES (communication and capacity building) and GEA (mentoring). It will outline the internal organisation of the Hub (team, management procedures, resources) and programme of the Hub for the first two years. The Hub will be oriented towards citizen science and social innovation, and in developing the working programme, the focus will be put on self-organisation, adaptiveness, interdisciplinarity, knowledge transfer, as well as potential multiplier arrangements. iLEU will be used as a lynchpin of Hub activities, and methods of using it to support Hub activities, entrepreneurship initiatives, business facilitation, trust-building in the eco-business model will be pursued. This report will deliver a business plan for the Urban Innovation Hub beyond supporting SPIRE co-design activities and project implementation. The Business Plan will comprise of the analysis of the context, approach, business model options, value proposition, activation and operational methodology, resources overview, communication strategy and general programme outline, impact projections.

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