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Land description:

Ferneziu Land is located around the Nicolae Bălcescu Gymnasium School and delimited by Arenei Street and Firiza River, located in an individual living area. The land can have the vocation of ecological community public space with complementary activities to the school, oriented towards young people, but also towards the rest of the local community in the neighborhood.

The challenges regarding the transformation of this land are:

  • Location and decision on the functions required of the local community. The arrangement of the functions must respect a high degree of permeability, so that the soil can be greened (paved spaces, large asphalt surfaces are not allowed);
  • Landscaping must finally have a pleasant atmosphere, a space where the community can interact, along with school-related activities.

In line with challenges mentioned above, what is your opinion?

What functions do you think the local community needs and can be arranged in this space? Do you consider that the development of this land in an ecological community public space is a good initiative?

Heavy metal concentrations at the beginning of the project:

(allowed limit)
10m 9.58 498.87 11.09 376.93 23.65 2207.8 18.38 1490.74
30m 9.99 945.7 38.57 360.84 46.56 2586.26 20.73 1442.94

*the purpose of this page is to consult public opinion and create a creative and productive conversation within the community.

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