Phitoremediation calculator 

Estimations of Pollutant levels based on the experimental SPIRE evolution. The estimates for each pollutant are extrapolated from masurements conducted on polluted lands in the Baia Mare Area. Each row represents a 6month timeframe. The estimated values are calculated up to the moment soils reach the normal levels.
Pb Zn Cu Cd
Normal values (mg/kg s.u.) 20 100 20 1
Sensitive used intervention thresholds (mg/kg s.u.) 50 300 100 3
Less sensitive intervention thresholds used (mg/kg s.u.) 250 700 250 5
Alert thresholds sensitive uses (mg/kg s.u.) 100 600 200 5
Alert thresholds less sensitive uses (mg/kg s.u.) 1000 1500 500 10
Semestrial PB levels decrease
Semestrial ZN levels decrease
Semestrial CU levels decrease
Semestrial CD levels decrease

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